Receiver Interoperability (and FEC)

Some receivers only support one out of the two SMPTE FEC modes. This page aims to document what receivers have been tested with OBE D-100/C-100 FEC.

Tandberg/Ericsson RX8200

  • High Profile Level 4.1 tested
  • Block Aligned FEC supported

Sencore 3187b

  • Lowest latency and standard latency modes with High Profile Level 4.0
  • Block Aligned FEC

Evertz Decoder (model TBC)

  • Lowest latency mode
  • Non-Block Aligned FEC
  • Evertz decoders have an internal ~1s latency built in so Evertz latency is high with all encoders

Ateme Kyrion DR5000

  • High Profile Level 4.1 tested
  • Block Aligned FEC


There are known interoperability issues with the HVD9100 in Lowest Latency mode - these decoders are not capable of decoding Lowest Latency mode. Decoding requires the following settings:

  • Low latency (PPP)
  • VBV Bufsize = (Bitrate/25) * 1.2


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